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ABS Deal Manager

ABS Deal Manager is our web-based cashflow structuring model for asset securitizations, portfolios and credit facilities. It is comprised of Web Pages and "Managers" for the various components of a structured finance transaction. The system is menu driven and contains options which allow for the definition of many asset types and transaction structures. Each of these Pages and Managers is described below.

The Home Page allows for the input and definition of collateral replines and bonds datalines for a new Deal. It allows the user to select a Deal, select a Data Date and select a Scenario for existing Deals. It allows the user to run the model and view cashflows for the collateral replines, bonds datalines, Collection Account and Waterfall Account.

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The Deal Manager is used to create new deals, copy existing deals and delete existing deals. The user may specify the number of replines and bond datalines for a new Deal.

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The Scenario Manager is used to set up, define and save variables and curves for performance analysis scenarios. These include forward rates and curves, prepayment rates and curves, default rates and curves and loss severity rates. The user may set up unlimited Scenarios for easy recall. 

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The Collateral Manager is used to read and upload collateral files to system. The user may define groupings to create stratification reports and collateral replines. The replines may then be used within the system. There is no limit to the number of replines which allows for Loan Level collateral processing.

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The Waterfall Manager defines the priority of payments for a Deals structure. The system uses script commands which were designed to closely match action such as payInterest, payPrincipal and payExpense. The Waterfall script commands reference bonds, funds and expenses that are defined by the user within the Pages and Managers. The Waterfall Manager allows for transparency of cashflows and priority of payments.

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The Structure Page allows for the selection of a Deal template, the definition of tests and triggers and the definition of fees and expenses. It allows for the definition and creation of Schedules to be used within a Deal for balances, rates, ratios and dates.

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The Credit Enhancement Page is used to set up Overcollateralization, Reserve Funds, Swaps and other credit enhancement mechanisms.

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The Analytics Page displays pricing and valuation data on bonds within a Deals capital structure. It allows the user to define price/yield tables.

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The Portfolio Manager is used for CLO's, res-securitizations and portfolio analysis. It allows the user to reference any bond from any Deal as a collateral repline. This is referred to as "Portfolio Mode". When a Portfolio Deal is run, the system executes each underlying Deal referenced and uses the referenced bond cashflow for the repline.

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ABS Deal manager has a robust Reports Manager. The user may select from a menu of reports and specify output in either PDF or Excel format.

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